Day 25 [Cocoa – Orlando, FL]


[Distance traveled: 47 miles]

OOOOO….4:30 came EARLY!

Got packed up about 5:30, and then headed over to iHOP….literally only 50 feet from our front door!


Hmmmm…..French Toast and scrambled eggs….mmmmm.

By the time we finished breakfast it was starting to get light. [As you can see, we actually were put in a handicapped room again, AND there was a ramp right up to the door of our room. How convenient!]

Light at 6,45

Yes, we again were able to fit both the trikes IN our room.

Trikes IN room

So the GOAL today is to MAKE IT HOME!

Earline here multi-tasks, drinking her coffee and posting photos on Facebook:

Earline multitasking

It was pretty cool this morning, maybe mid-to-high 50s, but the weather forecast seemed to indicate that it would warm up fast after the sun came out, and that indeed is what happened.

Gorgeous day….great for triking!

Early start

We came upon our LAST bridge, over the St. John’s River….and there was a truck in the way!

FINAL bridge over the St. Johns River

Turns out there were working on the mechanism that monitors the flow of the river.

Monitoring water flow

And looking over the railing, here is the river they were monitoring:

St Johns River

The St. John’s River, one of the few rivers that flow from South to North in the United States – a few in Wisconsin and Maine, but that’s about it. The St. John’s ends in Jacksonville, FL, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

The watershed area of the river is very marshy, which explains not having much in the way of service for many miles.

No services

Here we stopped under the Beach [B] Line Expressway to take a break in the shade [getting HOT already, although the breeze stayed fairly cool – a very enjoyable ride!] and have a bite to eat:

Sitting under BLine

After going through most of the Scripture I knew, and all the Fearless Songs, we found other ways to amuse ourselves….like looking at cows and bee hives:

Cows and bees….bees chase cows maybe

Whoa, Bessy! So, did the one cow just get stung, or what??!?!!

Then we saw this tower with all these birds on it….hmmmm.

Tower with birds

But what ARE they?! Let’s take a close look.

Closeup tower with birds

Oh-oh….looks like vultures to me!

[Don’t trike too slow, or they might think you’re a potential meal!]

FINALLY reached the overpass on to Highway 50.

But good news/bad news…..yes, this mean we are over halfway home, and it’s only 11:00am….but the road shoulder through Bithlo was so rough, and only about 36 to 40 inches wide…..rough goin’. And THEN, we ran into THIS:


The dreaded CONSTRUCTION zone….


We even had a few sprinkles on our head, but we quickly prayed against THAT demon! Ha!

FINALLY got past the construction area, and we hit the Lokanotosa Trail that starts at Alafaya and goes behind University High School, the ECON Trail, the Cady Way Trail, and the Dinky Train Trail….a trail of TRAILS!


That made the last 15 miles MUCH nicer that the earlier part of the day’s journey.

We even got a little of the FLORIDA change of season leaves that we experienced in Rome, Georgia earlier this year at the WinShape Conference Center.

The ECON Trail goes all the way from Rouse Road to Forsyth Road, for 7 pretty miles.

Florida change of seasons


It LOOKS like FALL, doesn’t it??!!

Earline up wooden path on Econ Trail

Jon on ECON Trail

However, with 9.5 miles to go, we stopped in the park to use one of the bathrooms and stretch, and Earline experienced the inability to bend her left knee. This is the same one that has been hurting her the whole trip, and she was in a lot of pain. She had already taken 2-800mg Ibuprofen, and popped two more….she wanted to finish the trip!

After a few minutes she was able to proceed, but we had to go slow, and I did my best to find paths that were mostly flat, clear of any traffic.

We proceeded on Hanging Moss over to Semoran, and caught the Cady Way Trail on the south end, where there is no overpass. We went over through the Fashion Square Mall area, crossed the very busy Highway 50 that we had been on earlier, and jumped on Livingston to take us the rest of the way downtown.

We stopped in at the apartment office to say hi to the staff, and who should appear but our nephew DJ [who took us down to Key West back on the 6th] along with his two kids, Zaria and Isaiah!

Great to see them! And then Melisha showed up with Rashord as well. [Melisha helped check the mail for us all the while we were gone.] What a wonderful surprise to see them all!

And, of course, we HAD to get a selfie with all of us:

Family selfie

After about an hour, we chased them all out, got cleaned up, and then went out to treat ourselves with a bite to eat at 4 Rivers, one of Earline’s favorite bar-b-q places.

Then we went over to the hospital, to have them check on Earline’s knee.

Sitting in waiting office

And there we still sit… is 2:09am….and they did an x-ray and an ultra-sound on Earline’s knee, and will probably recommend her to an orthopedic doctor to check further the structure of her knee.

Ooops, the doctor just came in, and said the blood was clean, nothing septic, no infection, so they are going to give her a few meds and crutches, and a recommendation to go to Jewett Orthopedic.

Sports medicine….heh. Just triking over 450 miles in 3 weeks qualifies as sports, don’t ya think??!!?

Time to wrap this up. I will do a summary and “reflections” blog entry in a few days, and my goal is to keep this up at least once a week, so you can stay up on any future MPTs [Earline says 3,000 miles is ENOUGH….Ha!], bike/trike news, and spiritual insights that God gives us.

We love you all! And thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

ONLY through God’s grace….


Day 24 [Melbourne – Cocoa, FL]

Sunday, November 30, 2014

[Distance traveled: 20 miles]

(Having a lot of problems with the Internet tonight, so may not get photos posted until tomorrow night. We are IN Cocoa tonight, and will be leaving before 7am to hopefully be HOME before dark. THANKS for all your prayers!….TGG, jon)

Happy Sunday! Happy Lord’s Day, for all those who might have worshipped in the various churches today.

And WHY worship?

And what exactly IS worship?

Just a couple quick thoughts….

I think of worship as giving thanks. Kinda like celebrating Thanksgiving EVERY Sunday. And there is something special about “corporal” worship, doing it around, and IN the presence of other folks.

Paul says that we should not “forsake the assembling of ourselves together” (folks who are trying to DO right). (Hebrews 10:25)

In Revelation 12:11 it says that satan can be defeated by “the blood of the Lamb (Jesus) and the word of their testimony.”

And for TESTIMONY to work, there has to someone to SAY it, AND someone to HEAR it….right?!’


AND 2 Timothy 2:22 says to “Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.”

So….get yourselves in church AND Sunday School….ESPECIALLY Sunday School.

And why on Sunday?

That is simply in recognition of something no one has ever done before or since….Jesus was cruelly crucified, buried, laid there a couple days, and then ROSE from the DEAD (thus PROVING He was God) on the first day of the week, or Sunday. So THAT’s the day we worship, THAT’s the day we come together and say THANKS.

Now Earline and I happened to take advantage, as some others do, of coming together with some other Believers last night to say thanks, because this morning we wanted to knock 20 miles off our distance between here and Orlando.

So we got our trikes assembled in Jyl and Dennis’s garage early this morning….

Trikes in Lees garage

….and then said our good-byes to Jyl, Dennis, and Riley [she’s the gorgeous one in the brown coat!].

Jyl Dennis Riley pose

It really was a pretty day today, as we headed up Wickham Road.

Beautiful day on Wickham Road

We ended up going right past my mom’s old house, right on the path where she used to take 2-mile morning walks 6 days a week, right up until a couple months before she died.

Route past moms house

And we fondly remembered all the times she came to this window and waved good-bye as we drove away:

Sliding glass window where mom waved

We went past some real pretty homes and churches:

Pretty church

But since we weren’t in a hurry, we decided to mostly ride the sidewalks. There ARE pluses and minuses to riding the sidewalks….sometimes they are smooth and wide, and clean….

Sidewalks wide and clean

Sometimes, well, they were not….

Sometimes NOT

Some kind a drainage problem here, it looks like….the water was actually only an inch or two deep, so we went through slowly, something you can only DO with TRIKES!

And then, sometimes, utility companies decide they can use the sidewalk area for their own purposes….

Sidewalk obstacles

The curb drains can be several inches deep between the street and the start of the sidewalk….TOUGH going up and down these with our heavy loads….

Bad curb

But when the bike path is only 18 inches wide, where do you go? Our trikes are 32 inches wide.

18 inch shoulder

Even the bike handles of most BIKES will run somewhere around 21 to 24 inches wide.


We actually got to the motel around 2pm, so we decided to take a walk across the street to a Sam’s that happened to be there. Earline tried out this bike….do you like this better than our trikes, Earline?

Earline tries trike

[Actually, I think she just liked the color! LOL!]

See the trike behind her? It had a price tag of $1500 on it….what!!??!

Upon closer inspection, this was a MOTORZIED trike….HEY, that’s cheating!

Tricycle battery

So….what’s the point? You won’t get any exercise this way! Ha!

Actually, I think Earline wanted to come to Sam’s to get the pizza and soda deal for 2 bucks!


Really wanted their pizza

Okay, we need to get back to the motel! I did a little repair work on Earline’s trike….found this rear light casing that showed fatigue.

Busted light

I did happen to have a replacement along, so I just switched them out.

Did some other adjustments and tweaking on both the trikes, and we both got to bed by 9pm. Set the alarm for 4:30am….gotta take advantage of the light we have tomorrow.



Day 23 [Melbourne, FL]


Today was OUR Thanksgiving, as we were able to spend time with my sister, and even have some leftover turkey!

Dennis and Jyl have a dog named Riley, 5 years old, and was gentle enough even for Earline to pat [just like Thor back in 2010]. Hey, Riley!

Earline and Riley

And we had to get a selfie with Jyl:

Selfie with Earline Jon Jyl

In the evening we went to a local church named Faith Fellowship….real pretty sanctuary, and the folks were friendly….

Faith Fellowship sanctuary

The assistant pastor gave a message from John, and they were true to the Word….boldly declaring that Jesus is God in the flesh….in verse 14 of John 1, the Greek word that is translated flesh, or human, is the word sarx, which literally means not a soul or a spirit, but strictly the meat of an animal….”meat and bones” as some would say. God IN THE FLESH.

John was THERE….he should know!

[John confirms this in his 1st letter….see 1 John 4:2. To test if a person is an authentic prophet, they HAVE to believe that Jesus came in the flesh.]

Jesus is also described as LIGHT in John 1:5. The light that darkness can NEVER extinguish.

Today at the house I saw some lights that can go out, but they are definitely stronger than any bike light I have ever seen. My brother-in-law markets bike parts and accessories to dealers across Florida, and he showed me his suitcase of lights from Serfas, one of which is 2500 lumens. 25 HUNDRED lumens.

Check your light bulbs in the store sometime….400, 800 lumens. Not this….

Serfas light

2500 lumens! That is brighter than a car headlight! Wow.

[Of course, Jesus’ “LIGHT” is even brighter than that, and it NEVER goes out! Ha!]

If you want more details about the Serfas light, leave me a comment here, and I’ll get back to you.

Time to pack and get ready to hit the road tomorrow morning. Only 2 days left!



Day 22 [Wabasso Beach – Melbourne, FL]


[Distance traveled: 30 miles]

Happy Friday! Yes, we are safely at my sister’s after a rough 30 miles into the wind all day.

Before I get started here, though, a did want to clarify something. I have been using the phrase, “Help make our Mission Possible POSSIBLE!”…..and many of you have contributed to this “Facing Your Fears” Tour in so many ways, through your prayers, through providing us with ice, through opening up your home to us for a place to stay, and MANY other ways.

And we are SO grateful.

But I did want to clarify, though, that when we talk about contributing to our cause, we are talking about funds that go directly to God’s Hands Agency, and we are NOT talking about funds that go toward these Mission POSSIBLE Tours. These trips are underwritten by Earline and myself, and our jab designs business, and are meant to be an ENCOURAGEMENT for those of you working with us in God’s Hands Agency, and the STRUGGLES that we ALL go through in our daily lives.

Any funds that we are asking you for are going towards the operating budget of God’s Hands Agency for the coming calendar year. We have set a goal of $5,000 for this entire next year, and hope to raise that by the end of December. And we are using our “Go Fund Me” website to collect those funds.

Earline has put together an excellent review of some things that God’s Hands Agency has accomplished in the past year, and when you go to the Go Fund Me site, you can read Earline’s thoughts right there, as well as the Scripture verses, the “lyrics” for all 6 of the Fearless songs! There is a link to Go Fund Me web site on the front page of our God’s Hands Agency web site.

Yesterday I mentioned that as the sun was going down, we were at Wabasso Beach, and were trying to find a place to lay down our head for the night.

Unbeknownst to us, there is hardly ANYTHING at Wabasso Beach [except a great little deli], but no place to stay, except at Sebastian Inlet State Park, which was still 7 miles away, or across the bridge over to Highway 1, ALSO about 7 miles away. What to do?

So at OUR speed, we’re still talking about an hour-and-a-half away.

There did seem to be SOMETHING big to our right….so I stopped at the guard gate to ask for advice, and it turned out to be a Disney Resort – what they call Disney Vero Beach Resort. Miss Diane told us about the lack of any facilities close by, but then she said to hold up, and she would check if they had anything available.

Any they did!

ONE room, a studio apartment for the handicapped, was available. It was not cheap, but our AAA membership provided a $40 discount! How about that! So we decided to take it.

Miss Brenda from the Front Desk met us outside, and you can see her picture in yesterday’s blog.

All we really did was sleep [HA!], but we appreciated the nice place to rest.

We took a quick walk in the morning, and this is indeed a beautiful location.

This was the little porch attached to our room.

Earline on DVB porch

The lodge was huge!

Disney Vero Beach resort

They had a beautiful boardwalk right on the Atlantic.

Me looking at ocean

But as we took these pictures we were freezing! It was colder this morning than yesterday!

[One quick boo-clap here…Disney! Shame on you. In the lobby, 20 feet from the entrance to the breakfast area, you have a hot coffee stand, all pretty and smelling good…..BUT!

There are no cups! Where are the cups?

It turns out that the CUPS cost money – 2 bucks or whatever it was – the CUPS cost money! What? You can’t provide free coffee to your guests? BAD public relations. Even Motel 6 provides free coffee…HEH!]

Okay……one interesting note….I use the term often [and too often FEEL it], that we are ALL going back to the dust. And we are….you KNOW we are.

Whether it is the simple 50-year-old motel, OR this big, fancy Disney resort, ALL show signs of going back to the dust. Even here, the knob on the closest door was loose and almost falling off. The shelf beside the bathroom sink had loose wall anchors on the left hand side, and was tipping dangerously, and the screw for the shower was loose, so that the shower head would not hold up at an angle, but flopped forward, pointing the shower spray at the handle [I fixed that…ha!].

EVERYTHING’s going back to the dust.

And didn’t God make that clear to Adam, that Adam would die, and that death, and disease, and deterioration would be brought into the world because of sin?

And that is EXACTLY what we honestly see all around us.

We had our trikes in the room with us – remember, this was a handicapped room, with wide spaces – and took them by elevator down to the basement. [Only way to ride them in and out!]

Yes do fit in elevator

Oh-oh! This guy doesn’t want Earline to leave!

Earline in fake topiary jaws

After a quick bite at the Wabasso deli, we then bundled up and headed north.

Cold morning Earline on A1A

It was COLD….and the wind was blowing pretty strong in our faces. Brrrrr!

Even EARLINE was wearing her jacket to stay warm!

We hadn’t actually gone too far, but who should we see, but Bob and Fifi from Waldo’s at Vero Beach! It was good to see them, and they had a chance to actually try out our trikes. What fun!

Fifi and Bob on trikes

Most of what we saw again today, though, was this…..straight, flat, and a little monotonous [but nicely manicured shoulders….heh!].

Lot of what we saw

There was a place up by the Sebastian Inlet that you could tell was VERY narrow….maybe only a hundred yards across, from Indian River to the Atlantic. Had some nice views of the river here.

Trikes on wide Indian River


Is the lollipop helping you stay warm?….Ha!

Love that lollipop

Then we saw the bridge over Sebastian Inlet…..hmmmm. Doesn’t look like there’s a bike path. Boo! I guess that is why the sign says to “SHARE THE ROAD.”

SI bridge

Here Earline starts her ascent:

Starting ascent

VERY glad we have these full-sized Slow Moving Vehicle signs….very visible, and familiar.

There was quite a bit of traffic, but during a lull, I was able to get this shot from the top of the bridge:

SI SP view from top

This is what the Inlet looks like over the edge of the railing:

View over edge of railing

You can see people enjoying the view on both sides of the Inlet.

Now for the FUN downhill!


On the way up to Melbourne Beach, we saw these fun signs:

Biggest turkey

Depressed fisherman

And even this “familiar” sign:

MP sign

YES! The mission IS possible!

And then we had the good fortune to meet Daniel at a local convenience store as we spent a few minutes warming up with coffee and hot chocolate.


As you can se, Daniel is a “colorful” fella, and I understand he also does photography. Best wishes on YOUR endeavors, Daniel!

By now, the sun is starting to go down, and it is getting even COLDER….we try to add to our clothes without digging too deep in our panniers.

This is what we came up with.

Sleves in my jacket style

Back side

Yes, that is my jacket, and we slid Earline’s legs into the sleeves…..ha! And it worked!

WHATEVER it takes!

My outfit wasn’t much better….had my rain pants available to cut the effects of the wind, and my hooded sweatshirt helped.

Jon at Sunoco station

I think the only problem, really, was just when Earline went into the convenience store to use the restroom, and she forgot that she had on her “outfit.”

Earline wonder pants

Many “looks” and frivolity….ha! [Someone actually called the cops about these two bikes at the Sunoco station and two strange looking folks hanging around them! Ha!]

Earline getting dark

By now we had been riding over an hour in the dark, and the traffic on A1A was horrible, VERY busy. We eventually went through some neighborhoods over to the Eau Gallie Causeway bridge, but by this time Jyl and Dennis thought it best if they come pick us up….we were still about 8 miles from their house, and almost none of the roads we had to travel had bike lanes or bike paths….not a good idea at night.

[Is this cheating?…no….it is just another example of other folks helping to make our Mission Possible POSSIBLE!] [And no, for you accountants, I did not include those 8 miles in the total….ha!]

Thankfully, Dennis has a big van that held both the trikes.

Thanks Dennis

Thanks, Lord, for helping us to survive this day….thank you for a place to stay to rest and recuperate.

ONLY through God’s grace,


Day 21 [North Ft. Pierce Beach – Wabasso Beach, FL]


[Distance traveled:  22 miles]

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today make gratitude and thankfulness what you give to God. [Remember the discussion from Day 19.]

I am grateful that we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people today, from Florida, from other parts of the United States, even from other parts of the world!

It is the reason we only did 22 miles today….but I pray that we ALWAYS be flexible to talk to whomever God might put in our path.

And I am especially grateful for the conversation that I had with the girl in the Kentucky Fried Chicken on this past Saturday night [you can read about the conversation on Day 16.]

Because of the frustration I had with that girl, that quote from Peter that I wished I had told her, I was able to use today. Dave, [name changed], one of the many guys I talked to, say he didn’t want to have anything to do with God and Jesus. And immediately, the thought came to me to tell him, to whisper in his ear, “You know that Jesus is not just a fairy tale.”

I said it twice….and Dave heard me.

And I pray that the Spirit of God continues to speak though those words into Dave’s heart, and that his spiritual eyes will be opened to the truth of Jesus. Jesus is THE truth…you can’t get around it. He lived, He died, He rose again….fact of history.

You either accept it, or you ignore it….that’s the only two choices you’ve got.

And for those of you who read this blog who are praying folks, please pray with me that Dave will come to understand God’s truth.


Last night, after the rain stopped, and before it got dark, Earline and I did a little exploring. The wind was still blowing pretty strong, so we were bundled up.

The little motel that we stayed at was called the German American Motel.

GA Motel

Wait! What is that moving in the middle of the picture?

Zooming in….



And it looked like somebody actually stuck out a paper plate with munchies on it for him. [OR….someone has just ended up sharing their supper!….ha!]

Earline and I found this sign on the back side of our motel….

Public beach access

So….WHERE’S the entrance?


Are you sure


Okay….going in….

Where ends

Where are we????!!!????

Okay….so THIS is where it comes out….

THIS is where it comes out

And a very secluded beach….plus I am sure the cold kept a few folks away.

Earline with dark sea bkgd2

And the northwest sky behind us was also unusually pretty.

Pretty sky at sunset


… do we get back?

Is this the way?

Is this the way back

It was a little hard to tell!

[It was the right way.]

Then we walked over to Sharky’s to get some pizza.


Pizza at Sharkys

Now, here’s where the plot thickens….the camera that I just took all these pictures with, I LEFT beside the salt and pepper box just to the right of the plate with the knife on it.


Walked right out of the place without my camera.

Didn’t think about it until this morning, after I had woken up, and was thinking about the pictures in the Public Access woods….hmmmm…..I don’t remember carrying my camera home, and I remembered sitting it on the side of my plate last night.

So, did the staff find it?

Did somebody else take it?

All my pictures from the whole trip are on that camera!

But nope, I decided NOT to worry.

It is a THING….it is just STUFF…..there are other things more important.

I didn’t even tell Earline until AFTER we had packed and prayed together before starting the day.

So we packed up…..I just put the whole thing in God’s hands…..HE knows where the camera is.

Trikes packed and ready to go

This is what the apartment looked like WITHOUT all our stuff scattered everywhere [heh, heh, heh].

GA Motel inside

And it actually cost LESS than all the FL State Parks we stayed in. And we DIDN’T have to set up our tent, and we DIDN’T have to tear it down again, AND we had a private bathroom and shower.

Kinda makes the camping seem a little overrated, don’t ya think??!!


We then head over to Sharky’s but….as we kinda figured, it is Thanksgiving so they’re CLOSED!

Ack! Ack!

Well, I had already put the phone number in my phone, so I called them up, thinking maybe if they did find it, they could mail it, maybe?!?

Ring, ring, ring….it rang MANY times, but no automatic answer, no voice-mail, and THEN….

Someone answered!

I told them the situation, and he said, “great, no problem”…..he was IN the cafe!

His name was Derrick, Derrick Rohn, and he was the son of the owner of the cafe that we had met earlier…..we looked around to see if we could find the camera. We found a little package, paper bag inside of a plastic bag, with the words “couple by the AC” on it, or something like that.

And, looking inside….it was the camera! Yea!

“Couple by the AC” meant that it BELONGED to the couple [US] who had been sitting by the AC.


Started out our Thanksgiving with a LOT of gratitude, to God, AND to Sharky’s. Thanks, guys!

Sharkys outside

Got some supplies [and FREE Thanksgiving coffee!] at the Cumberland Farms next door, and had the chance to talked with several folks about our Mission POSSIBLE Tours.

A couple of gray-beards guys had already biked from Vero Beach to our location, a distance of about 15 miles, and got a couple goodies from the CF store, and were headed back to VB. Whoa!

Good for them!

It actually turned out to be a really pretty day today. Yes, the breeze was fairly strong in our face, but it had warmed up nicely from the night before where it got into the 40s, and by the time we hit the road, I would say it was upper 60s….GREAT for triking!

There also was a bike lane almost the entire way today, and fairly new asphalt, so it made for a very pleasant ride.

Sunny north on A1A

Fairly typical A1A today

There was more development than we saw Tuesday, but it was not like all the HIGH-RISE condos south of Palm Beach….these were mostly housing developments where there appeared to be a lot of single family homes only one or two stories tall, or were in the process of being rezoned and marketed. Earline had to check one out….

Earline exploring development

There were a few beachside homes in this area….this one’s lawn was immaculate!

Beach house with immaculate lawn

Some of the entrances to the various developments were colorful and beautifully landscaped. Here were some gorgeous flowers at an entrance:

Lots of housing developments

Even caught a Monarch Butterfly enjoying the flowers:


There were not too many services along the way, but we did find a few State and County Parks…

…..wait….I just….I must…..

…..let me photobomb this selfie:

Photobomb this selfie

There…..all better now.

We happened to go past the Navy Seal Museum [Torin, did you know anything about this? We thought about you when we saw it.]

Jon by Navy Seal Museum

And we DID find a few 7-11’s that were open along the way.

Did you know Earline LOVES Slurpees?

This is one of my favorite pictures of Earline, and it has actually been a scene that has been repeated several times over the course of the past 3 weeks:  Slurpee in one hand, and the phone for texting in the other.

Earline on trike in Vero


When we got to Vero Beach, we asked one of the workers in 7-11 to recommend places to eat. He told us to go to Waldo’s.

Waldos entrance

Interesting place!

Originally started by a kind of eccentric guy in the 1920s, Waldo Sexton, and apparently the construction was done without any blueprints or building plans….so some of the angles and edges of the facility do not quite square up….ha!

They WERE open, but Earline and I knew that we could not eat heavy for the road, so we ordered one entree and split it between the two of us.

Perusing the menu.

Checking menu at Waldos

It was at Waldo’s that we met Bob and Fifi from Puerto Rico….we enjoyed the time with them! Bob is 75 and actually does a lot of biking himself to this day. He has been a world-class motocross biker….some SERIOUS biking! [Bob, did I get that right? Please correct me if I’m wrong!] [I try….ha!]

Bob and Fifi

Of course, Earline HAD to get a selfie with Fifi!

Selfie time with Fifi and Earline

As we were leaving Waldo’s we had the chance to talk with several other people….Lee is the owner or the manager of Waldo’s itself, and we had some interesting discussion about sign language. Lee’s sister also works for Clark Schools for the Deaf.

Jon and Lee talking about sign language

As we were leaving Vero Beach, we saw these giant turtles that somebody designed, and Earline thought they were cute:

With giant turtle in Vero

Getting late, and because of all the talking we’ve been doing [plus we were riding INTO the wind!], it didn’t look like we were going to make the San Sebastian Inlet State Park. The sun goes down so early now!

We finally ran across an establishment in Wabasso Beach that has some Disney connections, and they had ONE room available. The next closest thing for a place to stay was an hour, hour-and-half away, and Earline was really feeling tired, so we stopped for the night.

A very special thanks to Diane and Brenda who helped MAKE the connections so we could stay for the night. Say “hello” to Brenda!

Earline and Brenda

It was already getting dark….and we got kinda lost….oh, well.

Jon lost at Disney resort

Eventually we FOUND our way, and settled in for the night. And we are grateful.

Thanks, God, for this day….and I mean it…..and not just THANKSGIVING, but EVERY day should start and end with a grateful heart. [See Philippians 2:5-11]



Day 20 [North Ft. Pierce Beach]


When I poked my head out the door at 8:00 this morning and saw this….


And then about 30 minutes later it was blowing, and raining even harder…..I guess the bad weather from yesterday in Orlando finally caught up with us, huh!

Windy, and getting colder [okay, COOLER, for you folks up North…ha!]

So…..we made the executive decision to stay in today. Probably needed some rest after going almost 65 miles in the last 2 days.

One quick comment about the goings-on in Ferguson, Missouri. As some of you know, we went through that area on our 2010 Mission POSSIBLE Tour, and had the opportunity to speak a few minutes at a Wednesday night Bible study at the nearby Believer’s Temple Word Fellowship Church where Dr. Calvin Scott is the pastor. These folks were so warm and kind to us, and they had over 100 folks out on a rainy Wednesday night for Bible study! Yea!

We pray for them and for the peace of that whole area.

And I appreciate the wisdom of a tight end from the New Orleans Saints football team, Ben Watson, who wasn’t afraid to tell it, that the bottom line problem in the Ferguson case and its aftermath is SIN. The sin of pride, and big egos, and greed.

Pray that people in that area will allow God to use them to learn from Him, to gain Heavenly Wisdom to combat what satan would use for destruction, and to bring us ALL closer the TRUTH of God’s Word.

Resting up for tomorrow’s ride up A1A [guess the wind won’t be behind us tomorrow, heh!!].

Thanks for ALL of YOUR prayers. We love you.

Through God’s grace,



Day 19 [Stuart – North Ft. Pierce Beach, FL]


[Distance traveled: 32 miles]


Some of you have wondering how come you can’t make comments on these blogs, or how can you answer the quiz to get a FREE WiFi Pedalers T-Shirt??

You CAN make comments on these blog entries, and you CAN answer the quiz questions, but there is one trick you have to do first:  at the top of every blog entry there is a title.

Example: Day 18 [North Palm Beach – Stuart, FL]

That “TITLE” of that day’s blog entry is actually a LINK! When you click that TITLE, you are transferred to ANOTHER web page that is that blog entry, and that blog entry ALONE.

At the bottom of that single blog entry, you WILL SEE a comment section, where you can make comments, answer quiz questions, AND win a free WiFi Pedaler T-Shirt.

In fact, the FIRST PERSON that comments on THIS DAY’s blog, will win a FREE WiFi Pedaler T-Shirt!


And I still do NOT have an answer for the question from DAY 12 [Who are the TWO MEN in history that the Bible specifically says did NOT die? Answer correctly on Day 12’s blog….FIRST person to get them BOTH right wins a FREE WiFi Pedaler T-Shirt!

Now on to TODAY.

Today’s excitement includes $1 shorts, 115 Billion Sold, and 3 TALL bridges!

Are you excited?

Well, actually… was…..well, kinda boring. Yup.

We did have 3 HIGH bridges for Earline and I to cross, but the stretch from Stuart to Ft. Pierce is….well, there is not much on that section of A1A.

We got ready to leave the Best Western [they were GREAT!], and they had a full breakfast buffet.

Ready to leave the Best Western

In less than a mile, we noticed this MacDonalds sign [now I know this will date some of you], one of the ORIGINAL signs here in Stuart, where they used to list how many million burgers had ben sold around the world.

Remember 5 million, or 10 million, or 20 million?

Well, now they are up to 115,000 million! Whoa!

Original Mac sign

Love the sign.

As we headed out of town, Earline noticed a church THRIFT STORE sign….this is where she LOVES to shop! So we HAD to stop!

St Mary Thrift Store

And the sign next to the front door said:

And the sign said

Whoa! Can’t hardly beat THAT price!

[And I do believe Earline FOUND a few things….ONLY ONE RULE….SHE had to carry whatever she bought on HER trike! Ha!]

On the way out of town we also stopped at a Dollar Store, to pick up some thank-you cards.

Words to the wise will be sufficient:  ALWAYS be sure to make extra effort say thank-you to those who have helped and blessed YOU.

This is a built-in characteristic of every human being, that is reflective of the attitude that GOD Himself has:  in Psalm 50 it says that God does NOT need or desire our sacrificial offerings, EXCEPT the offering of gratitude and thanks. THAT is what He really wants, along with keeping our vows to Him, and asking Him for help when we need it. Check it out.

We hit our first big bridge going east from Stuart over to A1A.

St Lucie bridge

There was a separated path for walkers, bikers, and TRIKERS!

A separate side path is Earline’s preference.

Separated path up St Lucie bridge

And, of course, once you get to the top, going DOWN is the best part of all….

….but WAIT! What is that in the distance….ANOTHER BRIDGE??!!

Going down to go up again


Getting to the coast is a 2-part deal here!

So….up we go AGAIN!

Indian River Lagoon bridge

Notice all the birds….there were a lot of crows, or blackbirds, or whatever they were….just “hanging” on the wind. It was so strong from the south here, from right to left, that the birds could literally not flap their wings, but just face the wind and glide up and down. Interesting to see!

The view from the top was pretty nice.

View from top

The bridge engineers had even designed a place to put a couple benches at the top….great!

Seats at the top

I actually did a video of us coming down from the top of this bridge….stay tuned. I hope to get it posted this weekend.

Once we got all the way over to A1A, we curved north, and the wind was behind us. YEA!

The road here looked like this:

And then 20 miles

And then some of that:

Some of that

And then, a little bit more of THIS:

Little more of the other thing

Yeah, it was a little boring….for TWENTY MILES.

But in all fairness, we did see a few interesting things along the way. We happened to catch this fisherman in his hip waders using a net to catch fish [we saw something similar to this on the Sea of Galilee in Israel].

Man fishing with net

We also went past the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Production Plant….BIG!

St Lucie Nuckear Power Plant

And we did see a FEW beautiful homes on the beachfront. This one was sitting all by itself.

Pretty alone house for sale

Actually, this one was for sale. If you’re interested, send me a request in the comments section….I have a phone number. [Seriously!]

Once we finally got to the Jetty Park, and headed west towards Ft. Pierce, the sky was getting pretty dark in the northwest. I hear they had some bad storms up in Orlando today.

But for us…..that made for some pretty sunset photos.

3rd high bridge

And yes, that is yet ANOTHER bridge up ahead. Up we go!

View from 3rd tall bridge

The view to the north was impressive:

From top of 3rd see guys on pier

What are those guys doin’ down there? Let me zoom in.

2 guys on pier

Looks like they’re doin’ some fishin’. We saw a lot of that today from the bridges.

Headed north thru Ft. Pierce so that we could get on the bridge that goes east back out to A1A. Saw this sign outside a little restaurant.

Restaurants cook

Well, at least you are guaranteed that your fish will be FRESH!

Getting dark now, but we have all our lights on our trikes beaming away.

Earline near dark north of Ft Pierce

And one final bridge to cross….a drawbridge, with, yes, a few fishermen still out there fishin’.

Fishermen on bridge near dark

Arrived about 6:00pm at the little German American Motel. Cute place! And big! We’ll try and get some pictures in the morning.

Saw some heavy rain clouds and impressive lightning to the north as we pulled into the motel. God’s power on display.

Had a quick meal at Sharkys across the street, met the owner, and explained to her that we had ridden over 300 miles just to eat at her place! [smile]

Again, God, thanks for YOUR protection, and guidance. With You, TRULY, ALL things are possible….even making it thru a rather mundane day.

And ONLY through God’s grace,


Day 18 [North Palm Beach – Stuart, FL]


[Distance traveled: 32 miles]

As bad as Saturday was, it was beautiful today. Temperatures in the high 70s, leisurely winds from the SOUTH [YES, it was BEHIND us, pushing us….unusual AND appreciated!], and mostly blue skies.

The wind being behind us most of the day, almost made it feel like we were going downhill much of the day. Here is proof that the wind was behind us….notice the way that the flag is turned:

Flag turned to the north

Instead of mostly under 4 mph on Saturday, today we actually averaged 6 mph.

We left the Super8 around 11am.

[Yes, Earline often works while she rides…how do I tell her that texting and triking don’t mix??!!]

Any advice?


Earline rolling out from Super8

Much of our travels today involved crossing over drawbridges, and cruising through beautiful residential areas. Within one mile, we encountered our first drawbridge:

First drawbridge

There was a separate sidewalk along the side of this bridge, so we felt safe crossing this one.

Separate sidealk on first bridge

Here was our view going over the North Palm Beach Waterway.

North Palm Beach waterway

Success getting over the bridge!

Success over first bridge

From there we went through the pretty business area of Palm Beach Gardens, and….


Where’d she go??!!


Stein Mart!

PBG Stein Mart

When the wife says, Stein Mart, the good husband says “yes!”

After Earline comes out, she says it might be worth a trip from Orlando to PBG for THIS Stein Mart! Whoa!


From there we went over to the Juno Beach area, and we really liked the feel of this town.

Entering Juno Beach

There were some beautiful access points to the beach:

Inside canopied beach entrance

Here is the view of the canopy from the beach:

View fom beach

And the little views we got of the ocean every once in a while were spectacular:

[Higher-rez photo of a paddle-surfer]


Then we came to ANOTHER draw bridge, that goes over the Jupiter Inlet, the Loxahatchee River, and past the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum….the bridge was being lowered as we approached it, with a long line of cars. Here is the view of the Lighthouse from the bridge:

Lighthouse from bridge

And Earline is getting so brave over the bridges, that she actually took a VIDEO as she went over this bridge [some of you may have already seen it on her Facebook page]. Here is it:

After successfully getting over THAT drawbridge, around the corner to the right we had ANOTHER drawbridge, this one going over the Indian River:

Bridge over Indian River

Bridge lowered, and ready to head across.

Walk bike across span

The sign on the left says: CAUTION, Walk Bike Across Span.

Well, that is NOT going to work for us.

But the BIG problem with THIS one, is that there was a small, raised sidewalk on the side of the bridge, raised up about 8 to 10 inches. Okay….

But as we got to the grated portion of the bridge, the sidewalk narrowed to MAYBE 36 inches, maybe 34!

I really did not want to have to lift the trikes down the curb into the line of traffic, but we have 32 inch trikes, so that did NOT leave much margin for error.

It also meant that we had to stop and take off the right side bag, which sticks out a couple inches beyond the wheels. I also had to fold my right mirror in.

But that seemed to be enough to CAREFULLY proceed the, oh, maybe 100 feet across the grated portion of the bridge, with about an inch or tow to spare!

OOOO, thats a tight one

[This definitely brought back memories of going over the drawbridge in St. Augustine back in 2011!]

Earline’s trike is about an inch narrower than mine, so she did have to take her right side bag off, but she also got across with no problem, then.

We then headed up Jupiter Island, and went past almost 10 miles of gorgeous homes and residences, with a couple parks, and a couple churches [yes, we only saw 2].

Jupiter Island, Earline

One of 2 churches we saw, Christ Memorial Chapel:

Christ Memorial Chapel

We saw a lot of guys out landscaping today:

Trimming bushes

And yes, we saw 2 or 3 guys power blowing the bushes:

Blowing the bushes


And we noticed that several of the residences not only had a main entrance or lane, but they ALSO had a service entrance!

Service entrance

My, my, my…..

We then turned to go into Hobe Sound, and that was a pretty, kind of mysterious road. They had all these, obviously planted, knarly trees on each side of the road….it was actually rather beautiful:

Gnarly trees

Gnarly tres

We then headed north on SE Dixie Highway….a fairly new road, and SMOOTH, and the shadows from the sun were getting a little longer, so it was warm, but cool….just a real pleasant ride.

Well, EXCEPT for all the traffic. Whew! Where did they all come from!

After 2 or 3 miles, a Martin County Deputy Sheriff stopped us.

Oh, oh…..EARLINE! Were you speeding?!

He was real polite, almost apologetic. He let us know that Dixie Highway was a VERY busy road [which we had kinda figured out], but that he knew that we had every right to be on the road. [I noticed also that he had a bicycle racked on the back of HIS car.]

Officer Fritchie talking to Jon

He said one person had called in to complain about us being on the road.


We talked about our Mission Tour a little bit, and then he mentioned a trail up ahead, and a possible place to tent for the night. He also mentioned that the State Park that we were headed to did NOT actually officially have any tenting or camping facilities.

God used him to bring us information! And then after we gave him our FACING YOUR FEARS card, he went to his car and gave us his business card. His name was Matt Fritchie, and he told us “God bless you!” as we left him.

Join us in thanking God for him, and for his efforts to help make OUR mission a success!

Earline and I decided to head over to Highway 1 for more service [to pick up some FOOD!], and we soon entered the big little city of Stuart. We stopped at a Publix to pick up a few things, but Earline still had a craving for a slurpee.

And no sooner had we gone maybe half a mile, when….TA-DAH!…..there was a 7-11!

Earline headed in for her slurpee, and I noticed that the door was pried open. I asked the cashier, and she said that the AC was not working. Then we learned that the guy fixing the AC was Deaf, but had just left to get a part that he needed to fix the AC.

Then, I see Earline talking with a big guy outside about our trikes, and he SIGNS to Earline. This is ANOTHER guy, and this guy’s name is Robin, and both of his parents were Deaf!

We had a wonderful time listening to some of Robin’s stories, and he posed with me to spell “HI” for a photo.


As we reflect on the timing….it is interesting how Earline’s craving for a slurpee coincided with us getting a chance to meet Robin. We DID wait around a while for the AC guy, but it was getting dark, so Earline left him a note and a WiFI Pedaler card.

We finally did reach a hotel near where we have to turn in the morning, and this Best Western with AAA discount was almost cheaper than a campground we stayed at last week. How about that!

Thanks God.

And checking the map, it looks like we are down to only 4 or 5 more days of traveling. We are hoping to be able to share some of our testimony in Melbourne this weekend. Pray for God’s guidance, please, and that He protect us under the shadow of HIS wings! [See Psalm 57:1]

Only Through God’s grace,


Day 17 [North Palm Beach, FL]


[Distance traveled; 2 miles]

When we woke up this morning, we asked God to help us find church, so I googled “church” around our location, and found Lighthouse Baptist Church just a mile away. We quickly got ready….

….[see, now this is A TRUE SERVANT’S heart….ironing my clothes for me before church]….

Doing whatever it takes

….and had a quick continental breakfast in the motel lobby, and headed to church.

Heading to church

Arriving at Lighthouse

We started to leave our trikes out front, but I got the idea that it might rain, so we brought them inside the gate, and under a roof.

Trikes at Lighthouse

And the church was an excellent one!

Welcome to Lighthouse

Sunday School was small, but lively, and there was real depth of understanding about the Word evident from many in attendance. We especially appreciated Miss Sue, and her leadership of the class. God is pleased! YES!

And the worship service was a little different than what we were used to….not really a sermon, per se, and that might be because of the nature of THIS service.

Dr. Mike Butzberger is the Pastor, and he was all over the Word, and even helped lead the music with two other ladies.

Worship team

This service in particular was their Sunday-before-Thanksgiving, their annual “giving thanks to God” service. Pastor Mike showed the verse, John 1:16 where it says: “We have all benefited from the rich blessings he brought to us—blessing upon blessing heaped upon us!”

And then Psalm 22:22: “I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.”

There was a microphone set up at the front of the church, and people would come up and share giving reasons for thanking God….although I think only one round was intended, there ended up being 4 rounds, as the kids got involved, and it almost became a little competition to see who could give the most thanks.

THAT loosened up some of the adults, and as time went on, more folks came forward to share.

Pastor then shared some tidbits in between all this, and the service flowed nicely.

Afterwards Earline got a selfie with Ola and Linda.

Earline, Ola, and Linda

Pray for Linda….she and her husband are taking care of a very sick son-in-law, who has a cyst on his stomach that they are trying to dry up, and in the meantime he has lost over 40 pounds….no eating or drinking for a while until the doctors can get this cyst closed up.

We met Jason and his wife, Kathy, who has a pretty voice and is part of the Praise Team. Jason’s mom, Jane, is also a cyclist, and often goes 10 miles a day. Alright!

Kathy, Jason, and Jane

And Jason encouraged Earline with YOLO [you only live once], and therefore you CAN conquer your fears, because fear, like life, is fleeting.

Jon got in a quick picture with Dr. B and his wife:

Pastor Mike and his wife

And immediately after we took this picture, we noticed it was RAINING outside!


We did not bring ANY rain gear. But I really think God had a plan in mind, because we were NOT interested in riding in the rain, and GOD wanted us to hang around a little longer.

Turns out that Jeannie was waiting outside [but UNDER the roof] to talk to Earline, because she sensed that Earline had been sent here to this service today to talk specifically to her. We had a good chat, and I had a chance to let Michael try out the trike.

Jeannie and her son Michael

And after we finished talking with Jeannie and Michael….the rain stopped!

Earline, Michael, and Jeannie

In fact, it must have stopped a little earlier, because by the time we unlocked our trikes and said our goodbyes, even the roads were dry!

[LOVE those heavenly coincidences!]

AGAIN, we are grateful.

This afternoon washed clothes, got caught up on the blog, and watched an interesting documentary on TV about Banksy art in New York City while chowing down on some Papa Johns pizza. Mmm-mmm.

Through God’s grace,


Day 16 [Pompano Beach – North Palm Beach, FL]


[Distance traveled: 43 miles]

The alarm went at 6:00, so we got up and started to pack, even though it was still dark. As it started to get light, I check the clouds, and did not look good – they were dark and moving fast.

Clouds moving dark and fast


I went down to check the trikes, and the ground was dry. It was VERY windy, and you could taste the salt in the air….BUT the ground was dry.

Even though there had been some water from the day before on the trikes [and on the shuffleboard court!], the wind, damp as it was, had blown the surfaces dry.

DRY under trikes

And I imagined that maybe this is what the Israelites experienced, as the winds blew the ground dry under the Gulf of Aqaba, the arm of the Red Sea that they crossed over as they fled the Egyptians. Very windy, taste of salt in the air, but still walking on DRY ground.

I also wanted to mention here, that some of you will remember….I SPECIFICALLY asked that you pray and ask God that we not have to pack wet this morning. [See yesterday’s blog.]

And your prayers were ANSWERED!

Remember, in Psalm 37 it says that God DELIGHTS in the details of our lives. The DETAILS.

In the Sermon on the Mount in Chapter 6 of Matthew, Jesus says that “every detail” of the law will remain in place until its purpose is achieved. I like that translation, but even better, I like in the King James version where it says “jot” and “tittle.”

What is THAT?!

Matthew wrote his book in Greek, but the Greek word translated “jot” refers to the smallest word in the Hebrew language, yodh. It is just a little, tiny mark.

And then “tittle,” or “keraia” in the Greek, refers to just the tiny little hook on the end of the letters in Hebrew and Aramaic. Like a serif on a font in the English language. Just the tiny little, curvy hook at the very end of the letter.

In God’s Word, God’s law, He is SO DETAILED that even the little hooks at the ends of the letters that make the words are important to Him! And think about it, as the Creator of EVERYTHING, wouldn’t He HAVE to know how everything is put together?!

That is the kind of detail about you and me that He is interested in….that He DELIGHTS in.

So KNOW that this morning, YOUR prayers WERE answered. Sometimes God says “no,” sometimes He says “wait,” but what we DO know is that He IS able. [See Daniel 3:16-18]

[And we are grateful when He says YES!]

We got all packed up, still not raining on top, although we prepared for it by waterproofing our bags and pulling out our rain suits. [We didn’t asked Him to not have it rain at all…ha!]

As we were packing Ron stopped by, and we had a chance to talk to him about how God helps us face our fears.

Jon and Ron

So as we started north on A1A, Earline prayed for coffee, and there it was! She’s getting good at this….ha!

Praying for coffee

Meanwhile, I had a nice conversation with Patrick, an avid biker himself, a Christian who is concerned about the environment.

Patrick from Pompeno Beach

Earline continued to enjoy her coffee and cream cheese bagel….mmm, mmm.

Hey, wait! Where’s mine?


Cream cheese bagel

As we were getting ready to leave, Sean and his dad, Kevin, stopped by and asked good questions about our mission [and we promised to put their picture on the blog….here it is!]:

Sean and dad Kevin

Finally got headed down the road again, but it was starting to drizzle, and then the drizzle got harder, and finally I said, we have to pull to the side and cover up our side bags, and put on our rain gear [that we picked up in Hollywood at the K-Mart.]

I think they worked out pretty good. Earline HAD to take a selfie, which I caught her doing:

Confirm Earline selfie

And here it is:

Earline rain gear selfie


Picked up a couple goodies at the Deerfield Beach 7-11, and they permitted us to fill up our little round thermos with ice [it holds about 2 lbs of ice for a whole day]. [Thanks. 7-11, you were a life-saver!]

Leaving 7-11 in rain suits

It was not REAL hot today….the winds helped keep us cool, but the WINDS were so strong from the East, not quite in our face, but many times it whipped around the buildings to be in our face for a minute or two. And even when hitting us from the side, it made for slow going. And the winds were whipping the waves so hard, that even when it wasn’t raining, you could feel the salt water spray from the winds.

Not hard but miserable

Here’s Earline modeling her rain gear:

Earline modeling rain gear

But the rain suits WERE hot….and finally the rain calmed down a little, and we said, “THAT’S ENOUGH!” and took them off, after we made a little stop at the Atlantic Dunes Park.

Rain coats off

I have also discovered that I can substitute turkey for SPAM when making my spam/peanut butter/cheese/graham cracker delights. Whoa! I think it’s even BETTER than the SPAM!

What!!! It’s good!

GC sandwiches

It is hard to describe the day we had….even with the rain not coming down on top, there was a constant roar from the wind and the waves, very loud, and there was always the wind pushing us to the side, or even from the front. It DID make for pretty waves. [Lifeguard flag was red.]

Atlantic Dunes County Park view waves

STRONG winds

Notices how all the trees are bending to the right, the west.

I figure that the winds probably slowed us down 2 to 3 miles per hour.

For the most part, drivers were respectful of us. The speed limit here on A1A is only 35 mph, and there were a lot of signs along the way emphasizing laws specifically for cyclists.

3 foot clearance

Sometimes we WERE blocked from the wind by large trees, or beautiful homes, and there were plenty of those. Because we go slower on the trikes, we were able to get a pretty good look into some of the driveways. Some pretty amazing wealth was on display.

Beautiful home 1

Beautiful home 2

Didn’t really see many churches, though….maybe one or two.


Many homes DID have Christmas decorations up already:

Time for Christmas

Finally got into the Palm Beach area, and saw some more beautifully landscaped areas.

Jon and landscaping in PB

Earline thru PB road

In “downtown” Palm Beach, it was like Park Avenue on steroids, if you know what I mean. Lots of fancy stores with names I couldn’t pronounce, and we saw more than one Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Lamborghini.

Dntn PB

And yes, they had their Christmas tree up already:

XTree in PB

Earline, would you like one of these under your tree at Christmas?

Yachts for xmas

Oh, my!!

It was after 5pm by this point, and we still had to cross over to West Palm Beach.

Jon looking at PB,WPB bridge

We weren’t sure where to stay, and we really wanted to have a good church to go to tomorrow.

We started to head out of town on Highway 1, and we saw several small “mom and pop” motels, but the area looked really “busy,” if you know what I mean. Lots of people walking the streets, hanging out.

We stopped to get something to eat at a Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the consensus in there seemed to be that we go further north to find a place to stay.

I ask the girl that waited on us, Vanessa, who had been working there about 2 months, if she knew a good place to go to church. She said she really didn’t go to church.

And I didn’t know what to say.

But as I thought about it, I DID think of an appropriate response in that situation….I thought it might work well to use what Peter said in 2 Peter 1:16. He said, “we’re not making up clever stories, we’re not telling fairy tales when we talk about Jesus…”

He should know….he was THERE, right??!!

If somebody says that they don’t go to church, simply ask, “You DO know that Jesus is not a fairy tale, right?”, and see how they respond.

And then be prepared to give a “good defense” of what you know to be true.

We proceeded north, then, on A1A, out of West Palm Beach, in the dark. We suddenly heard some loud music coming from our right, and they were apparently having some kind of seafood festival along the beach.

Unfortunately, the winds were still so vicious, that there weren’t many people there. But there WERE enough to engage in some lively conversation with many who were interested in our trikes and our mission.

To the man on the bench who stuck some cash in my hand for God’s Hands Agency: “No, there was not a 50 dollar bill in the bills you gave me. Ha! BUT, thank you for sincerely, and I mean that, for helping us to be an encouragement among the Deaf, Youth, and Families.”

Some of the folks at the festival told us that there were several motels just up the road ahead….but we discovered, yet again, that “just a little ways up the road” in a car is NOT the same as “just a little ways up the road” on a TRIKE!!

Even a cop pulled beside us and said that there was motel just a “tenth of a mile” up ahead.


Distance challenged.

But FINALLY, a half mile later, we DID run across a Super8 Motel, and no question, we WERE stopping. Total distance, 43 miles, and Earline’s leg was killing her! [She said she is going to tell stories to her grandkids of how she triked hundreds of miles, and got shot in her leg, and pulled the bullets out with her teeth, and dragged her shot leg another 100 miles just to give a child a fresh cup of water….HA!]

I’ll take care of her, and we just ask you to continue to pray for her left knee, that it continue to get stronger, and that He will CONTINUE to guide us, and protect us under the shadow of His wing.

Good night!